Sport101 was founded with one thing in mind – to help athletes and coaches to reach their full potential. It’s that simple.


We too are athletes and coaches and over the years we have experienced some of the very best coaching, and some of the worst. This is what motivates us to be better…better than we were yesterday and better than anyone else.


Through the use of technology, the latest coaching techniques and an innovative approach, we apply our coaching and playing knowledge to enable everyone to achieve the best performance results.


From the successful coach hoping to guide their team to another promotion this season, to the aspiring athlete pushing to make the final selection, we want to help you to achieve your goals.

101 is proudly supported by



OBO are our principle sponsor for our goalkeeping sessions at all 101 events. 

Obo have the best range of goalkeeping equipment in the world and we cannot wait to share their range with you at our events.

Check out their amazing range by clicking the link below.

Ritual Hockey are our principle sponsor for all 101 events. 

Ritual Hockey develop incredible sticks and accessories from premium materials. This attention to detail reflects in the 101 values and we are proud to partner with Ritual Hockey. 

Check out their amazing range by clicking the link below.

Hawkinsport are the textile support and provider for the playing, goalkeeping and staff clothing across all sport101 events. 

Based in Buckinghamshire, Hawkinsport provide match and training kit to a number of premiership & national league clubs in the UK. We are incredible proud to partner with Hawkinsport for all of our textile requirements. 

Check out what Hawkinsport can supply by clicking the link below.

Ritual Hockey


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