Brand Partners


Ritual Hockey are our principle sponsor for all 101 events. 

Ritual Hockey develop incredible sticks and accessories from premium materials. This attention to detail reflects in the 101 values and we are proud to partner with Ritual Hockey. 

This innovative and exciting stick brand are fantastic to work with and we love sharing their latest range with all of those involved with Sport101!


OBO are our principle sponsor for our goalkeeping sessions at all 101 events. 

Obo have the best range of goalkeeping equipment in the world and we cannot wait to share their range with you at our events.

We love the fact that we get to share their incredible new products to all of those involved with Sport101!



Fortitude Hockey are the UKs premier goalkeeper delivering agency for goalkeepers of all ages and ability.

Fortitude have been with us since the 2019 academy season and help in delivering the best possible experience for goalkeepers. 

Their incredible staff bring a wonderful depth of knowledge and combining this with the Sport101 experience means that the goalkeepers at 101 are given the opportunity to make some serious gains! 


Sport101 proudly works with Hockey Wales and has done since 2019. 

Sport101 supports the Welsh senior national teams in their journey to the common wealth game in 2022 and beyond! 

We are incredibly excited to be a part of this National Association and supporting the hard work which they are doing. 

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Futures Sports and Sport101 have worked together over the last 7 years and we love having them as an integral part of the 101Family. 

With over 30 years of experience delivering residential camps, Futures Sports are one of the best in the game world wide in what they do.


This partnership means a new set of residential camps where Sport101 and Futures Sports will be delivering a fantastic experience for players to make friends in person from all over the world! 


Hawkinsport are the textile support and provider for the playing, goalkeeping and staff clothing across all sport101 events. 

Based in Buckinghamshire, Hawkinsport provide match and training kit to a number of premiership & national league clubs in the UK. We are incredible proud to partner with Hawkinsport for all of our textile requirements. 

Check out what Hawkinsport can supply by clicking the link below.

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Young Minds are aUK based charity providing support for young people who are maybe struggling with mental health issues. 

This is an area which means so much to us here at 101 as people who have seen first and the devastating effect mental health can have on people. 

All academy bookings will help in providing donations towards supporting this incredible charity.

We will also be working with Young Minds to provide free content and support to those that are in need of support. 

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Sport101 is so excited to be partnering with Aspire USA. Aspire USA work to place athletes in the America education system and help with everything that is needed to connect the right athlete to the right education establishment. This care and attention to detail in their processes is exactly what we look for in people we want as part of the 101Family.


We will be working with Coach Logic for the delivery of our Academies, Drag Flicking clinics and more moving forwards to provide video analyse to all Sport101 athletes. 

This incredible online video analysis programme provides some amazing tools in helping players see where they can make gains and provide a great communication channel between them and the coaches too.