101Academy Years 10-13

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Check out the map below and find the centre nearest you! 

With 14 centres across the UK, we hope that you can find one near you! 

New centres are always being added so please contact us if you want a centre near you so we can deliver our amazing hockey coaching to you!

Choose if you are an outfield player or a goalkeeper and how many tickets you need. 

You then get to pick the name you have on the back of your custom 101 playing shirt or GK smock and also whatever number you would like on the back! 

If paying in full you can choose the sibling discount offer for 2 players saving £40 on your total booking..

To get the sibling discount please use the coupon code: SIBLING101 at checkout. 

Note: This is only needed if paying in full as the discount is already taken into account if paying over 3 months. 

Choose one of the following payment options:

Debit/credit card: Pay the full amount now

Paypal: Pay the full amount now via paypal

NEW for 2021

OFFLINE: This gives you the ability to pay for your tickets over 3 months. 


Choose your centre!

  • 101Oxford - years 10-13
    Tilsley Park
  • 101Southampton - years 10-13
    Wellington Sports Ground
  • 101StAlbans - years 10-13
    Oaklands College
  • 101Swansea - years 10-13
    Swansea Hockey Club
  • 101Doncaster - years 10-13
    Doncaster Town Fields Sports Club
  • 101Bisham - years 10-13
    Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre
  • 101Bloxham - years 10-13
    Bloxham School
  • 101Warwick - years 10-13
    Hampton In Arden Hockey Club
  • 101Norwich - years 10-13
    UEA SportsPark
  • 101Bristol - years 10-13
    Coombe Dingle Sports Complex
  • 101Stamford - years 10-13
    Stamford School
  • 101Chelmsford - years 10-13
    Chelmsford Hockey Club
  • 101Cardiff - years 10-13
    Sophia Gardens

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